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Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of children? Volunteers are the arms and legs (and minds) of the PTSA.


Getting involved at your child's school is a great way to see first hand what's happening in the classroom and learn your way around the school system.


Volunteering is an exciting and rewarding experience. The PTSA offers guidance to make each school a better place for all children.

The PTSA needs you!

Every Pittsford school is supported by its PTSA.  Many programs are supported, financially or otherwise, by the PTSA. 

Fresh thinking and diverse perspectives are respected. PTSA requires a variety of skill sets for programs to continue and grow. 

We will be in search of the next group of volunteers to help take on the rolls of MHS PTSA.  From Co-chairs to other positions as well.  In order for these wonderful events to continue we will need the help of our parent/ guardian volunteers.

Are you interested i becoming more involved with school?  Take a look at all these key rolls we have open for the 2024-2025 school year:

Send us a message or email at

Thank you,

Ellen Whitaker and Robyn Wallace



Communications: Website and Morning Announcements

Teacher Appreciation Chairs

Cultural Arts Chair

Membership Chair

Mendon High School Job Descriptions

Co-chairs - Coordinate and work with school to maintain a supportive relationships that benefit the students.  Help organize and put together a monthly PTSA meeting.  Meet with Principal Julian a week or 2 before every monthly meeting to go over questions and ask her if there is anything she needs.  Good communications and organizational skills are needed.

If this position sounds for you, please complete the following Cognito form:

Treasurer – recreate the budget.  Present the budget in September’s PTSA meeting for October approval.  Review expense reports and reimburse, monitor expense against the budget.  Fill out form for any checks needs to pay for invoices to April, the district treasure.  


Communications (website and morning announcements) – Update and maintain the MHS PTSA webpage.  Send any updated news and information that need to go in morning announcements.


Teacher Appreciation – organize, buy and set up the different teacher/staff/administration back to school breakfast, holiday event and teacher appreciation lunch.


Cultural Arts – Encourage MHS staff to use cultural arts funding to provide supplemental education experience for students.  Review overall funding sources (BOCES Allotment, District PTSA and MHS PTSA)


Membership – This person should educate parents about what their PTSA membership dues pay for each year.  Also, rep should market how a family is able to pay for dues. Two events to attend is incoming 9th Grade  Parent/Guardian Orientation Meeting and Open House.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

PTSA Volunteer Job Descriptions

MHS PTSA needs you!


​Get involved in MHS PTSA's Hospitality, Teacher Appreciation and Senior Bash Committees.  There are lots of jobs—most of which require very little time and even fewer meetings! See links below to sign up.

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